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Here are some solutions to the most common probelms with SmallBall Football:

SmallBall Football needs Java

Resolution --"I only see 2/3 of the field!"

The game runs really slow and crashes

I have a Mac!




SmallBall Football needs JAVA

Get Sun Java for SmallBall


Java For Windows, Mac, and Linux

Java is a modern programming language that SmallBall football was written in. The game requires that your computer has Java installed. Luckily Java is free. Normally Java is already on your PC but you can get it here if you need it. Also it is good to update your Java since SUN updates it. Click on the Java button above to get the latest Java. Click on the link above.



Make an impossible to guess password to protect your team! Use your Team ID# and your Password to open your team. Make sure your password is secure or someone may steal your team!




Settings option
Run the Settings option in the start menu under SmallBall Football.

In this window you can change what Java Runtime Environment SmallBall Football will use.

If you are having problems such as feezes or crashes try using a different Java Runtime Environment.


If you miss training you can make it up by training!
When you change the Java runtime environment the game may run better.

I only see 2/3 of the field!

Smallball requires needs the screen resolution to be set at least in 1024x768 with 16 bit colors.

If you are using a lower resolution on your screen there are two things you can do to see the whole field

1. Increase your resolution to 1024x768. You can do this by right clicking your desktop then selecting the Settings tab. Adjust the screen resolution and color depth here.

2. Use the low resolution option. select the Low Resolution mode in the Settings menu. This will make the field and the players even smaller, but then they will fit on your screen.

If you miss training you can make it up by training!
When you play a match you should see the whole field on your screen! That is, both goals should be visible.

If you resolution is 800x600 or lower, SmallBall football will try to auto select the Low Resolution feature. Try using a higher resolution to see the games and training most clearly!
If you miss training you can make it up by training!


I have a Mac, how do I run SmallBall football?

SmallBall football will run on an Apple Macintosh.

Download the SmallBall star.jar file here. You will want to Save to Disk and run this file after its downloaded.

If you miss training you can make it up by training!

For more information about Java on the Mac, click here:



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