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What is SmallBall?

SmallBall.com is a place for very unique multi-player sports games. Each of the SmallBall games allows you to acquire your own team of players. Currently with SmallBall Football, you get your own football team to grow and train. SmallBall games feature "artificial life" players. Players have unique attributes that make them particularly well suited for a specific position. Each of your players will improve over time, depending upon how well you train them. When you own a SmallBall team, your goal is to train and manage them to be the best.


Is SmallBall a "fantasy" style game?

The short answer is No. However, SmallBall Football, as well as future SmallBall Sports, is similar to typical Fantasy League Sports. You start by putting a team together. In the case of SmallBall Football you simply register and a team of 15 unique players is given to you. You then use the SmallBall training application to name your team and each of the players. You may name them whatever you choose.


Will I ever be able to incorporate real player stats into my team?

No. SmallBall players and teams belong entirely to you. Each player is a "genetically" unique, artificial life form. They each have their own set of stats that change in response to your training and interacting with them. However, if you cultivate a player to exhibit skills similar to "real" players, you can re-name them to your favorite player.


Can I have more then one team?

Yes, however we would prefer that you start with only one team since they will get all your attention and be a better team as a result. Once you understand the basics of SmallBall then you can determine how much time you want to invest into your teams. If you are going to quit the game, please make sure you find a suitable owner to continue training them. Every team deserves a change to be the best of the best.


How do I train my players?

Each player has a finite amount of Training Potential ("TP") awarded each day. TP is shown in the Training Window in the form of a "pie" under the selected player's feet. Your players could be trained daily to improve their skills and to keep them performing at their best. Once TP has been depleted (i.e. the pie is empty), the players will no longer receive benefit from training (training any further at that time has no effect on skills). When TP is present, any action they do (run, interception, kick, reaction, etc.) will increase their ability in that particular skill.


How do I make my players run faster?

Click-and-drag a player into the Running zone located on the top of your training field. Click here to learn more about how to trian your players.


Do players need to rest occasionally?

"Resting", in a sense, is what must take place in order to replenish each player's Training Potential ("TP"). Once a player's TP has been exhausted there is no benefit to training that player any further that session. However, once you leave the Trainer, the players are "at rest" and when you return the next day (or perhaps after a few hours), you will notice that some TP as been replenished. In effect, they have rested and are ready for more training.


What is the Honor Rating?

The Honor Rating is a calculation of your games won that you initiated and the Star Rating of those teams that you beat. It is used to show the level of teams that you play. See Stats for more information.

What is the Star Rating?

The Star Rating is to show you and other team owners how good your team is and the way that you can increase your Star Rating is by training your team. The more you train the better your Star Rating will get. See Stats for more information.

What happens if I train my team while the players have no training potential?

Nothing will happen to your players, but as long as you are training with out any TP or if you you have the training window open your players will not regain any TP.

What is the difference between the Big League and the Pro League?

The BigLeague contains all the teams in the SmallBall Football universe. It is where you can view all the teams (ranked in order of Win / Loss percentage) and choose a worthy opponent. There are no restrictions on who you play or how often.

The Pro League is a tier-structured league that matches teams in accordance with their skills. each team must EARN their way into the Pro Leagues. At the start of each "season" ( every two weeks) your team is assigned a new schedule of 18 games. You, as Manager, are required to initiate 9 of these, where you are the visiting team. As your team's record improves and surpasses those within your tier, you are advanced to the next higher tier (and if your team performs poorly, they may be demoted to a lower tier)!


Can I create my own league or division for just my friends?

Yes, you can. Currently there a many leagues that you can join - they can be found on the game forums or the the News located in the community section.

In the future we will offer an Owner League kit but until then you can create and maintain a league by using Big League results.

How do I earn my way into the Pro Leagues?

Every team starts out being a member of the Big League ONLY. To enter the Pro Leagues "Junior league" (the lowest tier in the Pro Leagues), your team must INITIATE at least 10 games, and be among the top teams when the season ends. To see where your team stands after playing ten Public Games, review the Pro Leagues qualification list, whose link is also found at the bottom of the Pro Leagues page.


How do I move up into higher "leagues" in the Pro League?

Finish a season positioned in one of the top "promotion slots" of your league and you will automatically be advanced to the next league. The promotion slots are marked in Blue on the web page. Demotion slots are marked in red at the bottom of each Pro League level listing. Teams ranked into these slots at the end of the season will drop one league level down.


How often does the Pro League schedule games for me?

Pro League games are scheduled at the start of each season (every two weeks). However, you decide when to play each "away" game. Any games you don't play as the visiting team count as a loss against you at the end of the season. Similarly, any games not played against you by other teams when you are "Home" will count as a Win at the season's end.


How do I set up games against my friend?

You can do this easily in the Big League. First, exchange Owner ID#s with your friend. Then start a Public Game, and search for their team using the Owner ID #.

Is there a max amount of games that I can play in one day?

Yes, the max of games you can play are as many games you can play in one day. You can only initiate one game at a time.

How is the win/lose percentage calculated?

The wins and loses is a percentage of all your games played. If you have more wins than loses, you will have a high winning percentage. If you have more loses than wins, you will have a low winning percentage.

Does the mood of my players affect how well they will play during a game?

Yes, the happier your players are the better they will do during game play. Some ways that you can make your players happier is by clicking on different players while you are training your team and the more games you initiate the happier your players will become. If you click on them, or keep them selected their moods increase because they know you are paying attention to them!

Do I have to be online for SmallBall to work?

Yes, but technically, No. That is, the game will appear to function properly while off-line. However, if you are running the training application off-line the software will not be able to update the team on our SmallBall servers. Therefore, there will be no benefit realized if you are off-line. You may start a game and view it off-line without any negative effects. Your team actually "lives" on our servers, so you must be online to have the benefit of your training actually take effect.


When will the official version be out (not beta)?



Will you ever have a Mac version or a Netscape version?

SmallBall is a standalone product that runs under the Java VM. We recommend using Internet Explorer 5.5 as a way to make sure the VM is loaded. Netscape works as well for the web pages. In Theory Mac users can run with a Java VM too but, we have not tried it yet.


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