System Requirements

Pentium II -- 64mb Memory
IBM VM 1.3 or higher
Live internet connection

How to install SmallBall Football

If you have Linux, you probably already know how to install everything. But here are instructions anyway:

1. Download and install the IBM Java VM version 1.3 or higher. Other VMs may work but haven't been tested thoroughly.


Download the startup java program start.jar. Move it to its own directory.


Run SmallBall by typing:
java -jar start.jar

If it doesn't run, then your VM is probably older than version 1.3



SmallBall will download any necessary or updated files automatically. Once the SmallBall application finishes downloading, click the Register button to create your own team. Enter your owner name, password, and valid email address to register. Next you will be given your official Owner ID# - be sure to keep this number.
When you're done, login with your Owner ID number. To start your new team click the Trainer button and name your team! Have fun!

If SmallBall will not run, please send an email with details to SmallBallLinux@andnow.net

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