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Use tickets to enhance your team and add features to make your SmallBall hobby more enjoyable. There are many different ticket types, each with their own effect. See below for a complete list of tickets.

Tickets re basically codes that you enter into SmallBall. Tickets come in the form of an email or printed on trading cards. Usually a ticket could only be used once but some SUPER tickets could be used multiple times (these are rarely issued.) Before they are used, tickets could be traded or given as gifts or prizes. If you want to purchase tickets, it is essential that you give us your email address so we can send them to you.

Tickets can be ordered by mail. Please see below for instructions on how to order with a Check or Money order.

Important: There are NO refunds for tickets.


Own Your own Team!

Buy your team.

This one time fee will give you full ownership of your team. When you purchase an Ownership Ticket, it will be sent to you via e-mail, instantly. Use the Ownership Ticket code to fully enable your team.

Price $19.99

50% OFF

"Bob, make your own team so I can kick your ..."

................... $9.99

1/2 Price until December 25, 2005

Holiday Ticket

Usage: The holiday ticket will freeze your team for two weeks (14 days). Your team's skills will not increase or decrease during the "holiday." Only a slight mood decrease will occur, since your team will miss you. Any team can play your team but if you play a game or train your team the holiday will end.

WARNING: Passive training must be turned OFF to effectively use a holiday ticket. If Passive training is on and another team plays yours, the holiday will end! Any training will cause the holiday to end.


1 Month GAME ticket
Maybe you don't want to go for the 20 bucks to buy your team? You can still train them and make them better and better for free... But you can't play any public games to show them off. Well now you can. Introducing the 1 month Game ticket. This will enable your team to be able to play games against any other team! For a whole month you can play (initiate) as many games as you like, for a super low price. This is a good way to get another team going without making a big investment. Or, it makes a great gift for a friend who may be interested in starting a team. This is a good ticket to keep in you back pocket for when the time is right!

Note: The 1 Month GAME ticket gives you full ownership of your team for 30 days. It's cumulative, If you use more than one ticket the time adds up. For example use two tickets and you will get 60 days.

Note: This ticket will expire after

Fully enable your team for 30 days!

For 30 days!
only 10 cents a day!

6 Pack!

Here is a super value, 6 teams for $60 dollars. That's 50% off. Get some friends together and share this deep discount and while you're at it, start your own league!

This ticket pack comes with 6 individual ticket codes to fully enable 6 individual teams. You can easily e-mail the codes to your friend and family.

6 teams for the price of 3 teams, save 50%!

6 individual Team tickets


This 6 Pack will come with an additional 6 holiday tickets, one for each team, a $12.00 value!

Quick Train Tickets

Train your entire team in one skill, instantly. There is a Quick train ticket for EACH skill:

Usage: First, make sure your team has TP. Enter the Quick Train ticket and all the TP will be used training the single skill you selected.

These tickets come in a pack, one for each skill.

Quick train tickets are a training tool and a convenience. If you use one of these tickets when your team has a full pie of TP you will notice performance improvements in that skill.

Warning: these tickets only work if your team has Training Potential (TP)

Whole team, one skill



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For Mail order:
Specify the items you want clearly. Include the appropriate amount of postage indicated. For California residents please include 8% sales tax. Send a check or money order to:

SmallBall, Inc.
P.O. Box 3301
Half Moon Bay CA 94019

(For personal checks please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, money orders are much quicker!)

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