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SmallBall Football is a unique multiplayer online sports game.

SmallBall Football gives you your own team. You train your players and decide what positions they play. Then, when you're ready, you challenge other teams. You are the coach, manager, and owner.

Your goal: Own the BEST team in the WORLD!!!

The strategy of SmallBall Football is deep. Your players grow and evolve. Over time you get to know each of them, their strengths and weaknesses. As you observe their abilities you will determine how to train them.

SmallBall Football is played in a public arena. An active community of other players will see your every triumph, and your every failure!

SmallBall Football is not about reaction time. You don't kick or dribble. It's not a video game. Its a hobby where you train and cultivate your own unique set of players.

This is YOUR Team, and it's your team for LIFE. Treat them well, train them often, and they will play hard for you.

Download the SmallBall client. It's quick and easy, even on a dial-up connection.

Just click here to begin!

Follow the 3 simple steps and you'll be running your football team in no time.

Its FREE to start your own team. To play matches against others you must fully enable your team at a one time cost of $19.99

Start your team today and get a Free 2 week trial to play against anyone in the world.


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